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At the Sinai Vein and Laser Centers, we specialize in providing minimally invasive endovascular procedures and interventional pain management to provide meaningful relief of pain in the lower extremities. Our centers feature on-site advanced diagnostics including CT and MRI imaging technology.
One arterial or Venous in-office procedure will restore circulation, allowing a good new mileage and a good old pain-free walk.

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The Sinai Vein and Laser Centers is a home to interventional radiologists who use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to narrow in on the precise cause of leg pain or vascular conditions in order to provide high-quality, patient-focused health care. We have a dedicated and experienced staff that offers excellent care to our patients. With a strong focus on patient education, we provide clear and precise explanations of diagnoses and treatment plans.

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A single in-office procedure will restore your blood circulation and let you


Are you suffering from leg pain and discomfort when walking?
Do you struggle to walk several blocks without stopping to rest frequently?
Do your legs feel heavy and swollen with varicose veins?
If so, poor leg circulation is likely to blame.

The first choice in cosmetic vein treatment

Suffering from varicose or spider veins?

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Our centers feature on-site advanced diagnostics including CT and MRI imaging technology. We perform the most delicate procedures in medicine without damaging human tissue and without leaving scars or deformities.

  • Low risk, quick procedure
    There is no need for an overnight stay or hospitalization! No general anesthesia and large incisions. Little to no scarring. Minimal risk of postoperative infections.
  • No more swollen legs
    Restoring circulation in your legs and enabling you to walk painlessly again is our specialty. 
  • Covered by most insurance plans
    Find out if you could be a candidate for a minimally invasive vascular treatment or interventional procedure.
  • Advanced diagnostics technology
    By using a targeted technique directed by the most advanced imaging and diagnostics technology, even most complex treatments are carried out painlessly.
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What our patients say

maybe one of the only places I know that take patients almost without waiting when they can, great and caring staff you can tell they really care about their patients, clean office, doctors there are well respected by patients and very good in what they do, strongly recommended and only place I will ever be going to.

Jessica Muradian

Thanks! I had pain in my legs, swelling, cramps, they helped me a lot of thanks to them. good service👌 i recommend 😊 it is better to contact a specialist in time


Very accommodating facility that takes walk-ins, something not that many places do. Staff is bilingual, very friendly, and professional. Brand new equipment from top to bottom. My doctor got reports next day and CD is ready within 5 minutes upon doctor's request. Also, radiologist is always in the office, which is practically unheard of in other radiology facilities. My entire family only uses Sinai Diagnostics!

Maiya Kasumova

I ve had doctors visit and it was absolutely quick and great associates will help you in every details with your diagnosis for health problems. Amazing place with attentive support and clean environment without long waiting time. Highly recommended if you want your veins to be checked out and stay in tune.

Dmitriy Rogachev


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